RB rankings help

How would you rank Dam Williams, jacobs, freeman and Carson. Looking at one of these as my RB3 in a keeper league. I currently have Williams with the edge and a cant decide between jacobs and freeman for second

What’s the format here?

Standard I lean Carson. 0.5 PPR I lean Carson or Williams depends if you need safety or upside. Full PPR I think Freeman is the pick but as an RB3 Williams is safe as you won’t be leaning on him all year.

As an RB3 honestly you can’t go far wrong with either Carson, Williams or Jacobs IMO. Freeman I just don’t trust the injury history anymore

My personal preference, which works in any format (standard, PPR, half PPR), is:

Freeman > Carson > Jacobs > Williams

Freeman and Carson is close but Freeman is a 3 down back historically, and has a shown he can play at an RB1 level. I really like Carson but the Seahawks scare me in general bc I can never trust what Carroll says. Though I tend to believe the reports that they’re hoping to work him in to 3rd down passing work this season.

1/2 ppr with 100 yard bonuses. I also like williams ans jacobs better for potential long term keepers at a 3rd round value. Other RBs are Saquon (1st) and Conner (8th)