RB-RB first 2 Picks

I have a 16 team startup dynasty draft this weekend. What are your Thoughts on going RB-RB with the first 2 picks. I have the 12th pick. So it is late in the round. I feel that I can grab 2 relatively good/Great RBs and back fill my WR in the next few picks.


It’s hard to make a blanket statement on whether or not to do this simply because so much depends on how the draft goes and what players are available. I think going RB with your first pick is smart but you also want to have at least one elite pass catcher on your team so I tend to think RB/WR/RB is wise for your first three picks!

I agreed that it depends on how things ho during the draft. And in a noraml 10/12 teamer i like RB/WR/RB, again dependent on how things fall. In this case as a 16 team dynasty, i feel i might get a few good young RBs that I can abuse for 2-4 year and then trade them off. Then I grab decent WRs that last a little longer in 3 and 4. Again all depends on how things play out.

More thoughts. I enjoy fantasy talk and just looking for some good conversation and strategy discussions.

Depends on who is their. Most likely a good young rb should fall in the first due to wrs being highly valued in start ups this year. Id be looking at a Chubb Conner mixon cook maybe Gordon but he is already 26.

It really depends on whos taken already. If a steal of a WR is there at 12 or when you pick in second i’d abandon the RB-RB plan entirely. I’d even go WR-WR if its steals that are there. Absolutely no possibility I chase hopeful RB1 if the elite WR are still on the board

If it is a full ppr, I would like to take a top WR with one of those picks

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If a top WR is sitting there I am definitely going that route. And I know I can still get a good young RB in the Second.

Would A. Brown be too early at 12? With his new situation?

I think so. In second if still there at 20 he is worth picking up