RB/RB or WR/WR heavy

I have the 7th and 8th overall picks in a 10 team keeper league. I already have Akers and dobbins as mid round keepers, and the only top 15 overall players being kept are diggs and Taylor. Being that I have 2 first round picks, and don’t pick again till round 4, should I go rb/rb to start, which will give me 4 top 15ish rb’s or should I look for a more balanced roster and start wr/wr. I’ve been looking at mocks and love the WR’s in the early 4th round like Evans, Godwin, woods, kupp, thielen and Lockett. League is full ppr and I also have 2, 4th round picks.

It’s nice to have a plan but I would be flexible. If one of the top 8 RBs are available I would snag them (ie Zeke) and could possibly pair with Tyreek. That would give you a good start. Can never go wrong with RB depth but you’ll have an opportunity to snag a top WR.

Depending on where your 2 1st-round picks are, I would try to snag an Alpha WR and a mid RB1 to go along with Akers/Dobbins.

Obviously if an Alpha RB1 (CMC/Cook/Barkley/etc) somehow falls to you, take them but still try to take an alpha WR.