Rb roller coaster

All year i’ve gone from feeling really good to really bad and back to really good over my rb situation this week i have no real confidence so pick 2

Coleman,Damien Williams,Montgomery,Michel,Guice(Penny if the claim goes through dropping guice)

Leaning towards Monty against Detroit and maybe Coleman even though its that Balitmore Defense i dont know that Williams or Michel can be trusted one with injury and one with too many other rbs in the room

I’ve had the same season with RBs. Drafted Chubb, Montgomery, Damien William and McCoy. Picked up Darwin Thompson, Darrel Williams. Traded for Edmonds, picked up Samuels, Singletary and Mixon. Picked up Melvin Gordon and traded him…lol. Picked up Kareem Hunt too.

All of the KC backs had to go…traded Montgomery, traded Gordon, dropped Edmonds as he got hurt the first game I played him in. Got one decent game from Samuels but I’m about to drop him. Picked up Mixon and played him this week…lol. Now Dalton will be starting so Mixon takes a hit IMO. Chubb and Hunt I’ll play ROS. Singletary is on the bench. I’ll keep Mixon but I’m unsure about his future. Everyone else had to go for one reason or another.

RBs have definitely been tough this year.

So as someone whos known the struggle you wanna pick 2 for me to start this week lol

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Penny and Coleman. Not the best matchup for Coleman but Montgomery has had one legit outing.

I didnt land penny but i did land Snell for the week if that would change the thought so now there is no Guice

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IMO you’re in a tough spot bro. I had Montgomery and traded him off…he’s a total gamble and only worth playing if he falls into the end zone twice.

Sony is a gamble as most Pats are.

Snell should get all of it most of the ground work, but the Pitt committee limits him like it dose Coleman.

I would avoid any Chief RB.

With no Penny I’d probably start Snell and Sony.? I could see starting Coleman over Sony as well if you felt better about him. Good luck!

It feels like these backs shouldnt be this hard of a decision but yeah Im just watching my lions suck so bad it makes me feel like montys a smash play.

Probably going snell and coleman… :confused: very tough

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Of course anyone could have a good game at anytime, but Montgomery only had 6pts against the Lions last time and that was Driscoll’s first game as QB and a home game for Chi.

If you have the gut feeling to play him though you should. Always go with your gut if it’s nagging at you. You’d hate yourself if you felt he was due to go off and he did…on your bench.

Itd be my luck that ill bench him and he’ll run the 25 for 140 again with Hand and Flowers out theres not much to stop him but i think im still benching him theres no way ill feel good about any line up i think…

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Hope you played Montgomery dude

had him in two leagues so played him in one and not the other hopefully flexing sutton over him wasnt a terrible decision. the league i played him was the one that needed the rb points more too so could be that i did it all right still!

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