RB shelf life - Mixon vs Devonta Freeman

Half PPR dynasty

Someone really wants Mixon and has offered me Freeman and potentially Aaron Rodgers in a trade to receive him. I would give up Dak and Mixon for those two players. Am I crazy to hesitate? I’m high on Mixon this year and for the future (he’s only 22!!) while Freeman is already 26! How much longer does Freeman have left? And is this trade a wise move to make?

I would keep Mixon - age and talent over Freeman. I think Mixon is ready to break out this season. If you do trade him I’d want a lot more in return. No one is untradeable; however, if someone really wants him they will have to overpay. Hope that makes sense.

If you’re getting Freeman and Rodgers, this is a no brainer for me.

This trade isn’t even close. If I were you, I’d go back there, hit accept before he changes his mind. It’s great to love “potential” but freeman has another 2-3 years of production left. Unless you’re team is literally not in contention at all, even then I’d still do the trade. Last year was Freeman’s floor. Another year to get used to sarks offense, I expect big things from falcons this year. I don’t even think Mixon has a higher ceiling than freeman tbh with you. Falcons have a much better offense, superior line, and he gets a tonne of goalline work. Also next year coleman is out so may have higher workload.

Not even going to comment on Dak vs Rodgers. That should be self explanatory.