RB shortage for 2018?

So last year I finally did my thing and won 2 leagues thanks to the footclan and the ballers, but admittedly one of my 2 teams was stacked. I had Gordon, Gurley, and Hunt plus duke johnson on the bench. However, that league is a re-draft so i’m finally looking at picks now that I know my order (3rd out of 10) but it seems like there’s a huge RB shortage. Obviously I can snag David Johnson, Lev Bell, Gurley, or Kamara with that top pick but then i’m struggling.

In mocks AJ is falling to 2nd round for me but then i can’t seem to scrape up decent RBs. Anyone have any insight on what the strategy should be for this years shortage?

Firstly congrats on the double win, good work!

As for the shortage, i wouldn’t say that there is one but given how well RBs especially rookies scored last year and couple that with the fact it was a down year for WR scoring in general, TE’s were outside of the top 4/5 a crap shoot every week and the rate of top QB/WR injuries the price of RBs this year is sky high and the hype around a lot of the rookies from this year and guys like McKinnon is at fever pitch levels.

So you’re seeing top tier WRs get pushed way down the first and the second while people clamber for RBs. You can go with best available and use tiers etc but ultimately if you want two high end RB2s or a RB1 and a RB2 you need to take the known assets in the first 2 and a half rounds or roll the dice with some of the rookies or riskier options that’s just the going rate.

Strategy wise if i’m picking in the back half (7 onwards/i play 12 team) i’m frequently getting AB/OBJ/Hopkins fall there or occasionally Kamara or Barkley so in most cases i’m taking AB/OBJ and then i’ll go 2 or 3 RBs in a row and then go back to construction to make sure i can get at least two good ones and have a stud asset overall in AB or OBJ.
I hope that sort of makes sense/helps you out?

Also on your 3rd pick, i wouldn’t be looking any further than Gurley, Zeke, DJ, Bell whoever out of those guys falls to me because 2 of them will be there if you’re going at 3 and i love Kamara but no way am i leaving one of them on the board for him.

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There is a huge fall off at RB if I were you I’d go RB RB because on the swing you’ll get maybe not a tier WR but you’ll get a hill, digs Baldwin a fringe WR 1 if not you’ll be stuck with a shit RB 2

Yeah the only reason I have Kamara in the mix is because I swear most years some top RB becomes a total bust. AP, David Johnson, LeSean Mccoy, etc. i’ve seen it happen to 1 every year. So to me Gurley might be that guy this year and I’ve in the past dodged a guy and had it work. But i could be totally wrong on gurley again this year.

I get that take, it’s hard to see a bust for hose guys though. Gurley, Zeke and Bell are key to their teams’ success and have far too much volume to bet against. As for DJ he’s never busted just injured last year and not a lower body injury so he’ll be fine and he again has far too much volume and opportunity to bet against, the cardinals aren’t the car crash people say they are, they’re not winning any hats and T-shirts this year but they won’t be horrific besides even on sub .500 teams there are very useable assets just less of them. I not saying Kamara will be a bust but over those top four guys over the course of a season he won’t get the same volume as them and should finish top end of RB1 numbers but not top 4 if everyone is fit and healthy

Did my draft last night. Ended up David Johnson and Dalvin Cook and also snagged, marshawn, Kerryon, and Henry. I’m not ranking my team super high, but that’s kind of how i felt about my team last year too. i don’t have any superstar WR’s, and henry is debatable but by the point i had him there wasn’t a lot of great RBS anyway.