RB situation?

I am in a league which is a full PPR and rushing and receiving get 1 point for evey 5 yards. I have Kamara, Lynch, Chris Thompson, Crowell and Blount. I noticed today that Devontae Booker, Aaron Jones and Duke Johnson have all be dropped. Should i go after any of those three or stand strong with what i got? The league also has a flex position.

You have Crowell. I would drop Blount for Duke Johnson. I see Royce taking Devontae’s spot in the near future, but if you need an RB for the first couple of weeks, Booker would be someone to look forward too.
Strictly my opinion.

I would pick up Duke Johnson as well. I have him in one of my leagues. He’s a solid, reliable PPR machine. Lose Blount. There’s a committee brewing in Detroit and Kerryon will move to the top soon.