RB Start Advice

Who do I start at RBs and Flex. I know i will make the wrong choice.
I have: Jordan Howard, Kareem Hunt, Demarco Murray, and Samaje Perine.

2 RBs and 1 flex?

Yes. I have Coleman i can throw in for Flex too, but i think the RBs are a tad safer.

So going purely matchup here I would start Hunt, Murray, and Perine. All have excellent matchups. Bears vs the Eagles scares me a ton because they have the best run D so I see them stacking the box to make Mitch beat them. Volume will be there but they will get down early and abandon Howard. Plus an away game. No thanks. Murray against a terrible Indy D, Hunt vs Terrible Buffalo D at home and Perine vs terrible Giants D at home. One of those 3 should have a HUGE game but I think all 3 will have good days.

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I would sit Hunt. THat team right now is awful. Some times you have to know when enough is enough. That’s tough because a close second would by DM. I would try and package Perine and DM for a RB1!

That’s what i want to do believe me. But i have been burnt starting the wrong guy a few times this year already. It’s tough.

I can see where you’re coming from as well. However Hunt has yet to get me less than 6.1 points (non-PPR) so he’s a safe play with a high upside, whereas Murray has practically been boom or bust. Perine looked good last week but that was the first week he has looked good all year. So to me Hunt is the for sure starter.