**RB START Question

RBS consist of - Kamara, Howard, Buck Allen, Aaron Jones.

So with Jordan Howard out this week my RB2 slot will either be Buck Allen or Aaron Jones. This is where my internal debate begins.

This week the GB Packers are playing one of the worst run defenses… and on top of that they could have all top WR’s out this week. Which could lead to them using one of their top weapons Aaron Jones. Who has showed Aaron Rodgers and the OC that he deserves more carries. I see a lot of upside in this weeks matchup for A Jones.


Buck Allen… Who has been useful in the passing game and for goal line work. Let me say I had Aaron Jones put into my starting lineup until just a few moments ago i saw that Alex Collins did not practice today. Now Buck Allens case seems way more intriguing. I will monitor Alex Collins to see if he will play. But if not what would you all do?

I would go Jones. Rodgers talked about wanting to get the best players the ball more.

Jones for upside, buck for floor.

I like buck more, i think collins is proving he can’t be trusted at the goal line. In theory Jones should be the guy for GB but they proved last year they don’t know who they like.

Definitely gotta go Jones. Collins didn’t practice today but I still would start Jones. Feel good about his workload vs a terrible DET run D

I agree with everything above. I dont think I could stomach not having Jones in my lineup. Im feeling that upside as well.

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Thanks for the opinions guys