RB start sit help please help!


Miles sanders vs buf
Jamal Williams vs KC ( I’m already starting Aaron Jones)
JD mcKissic vs Giants

What y’all think?

Sanders. Howard will get stuffed by bills d and they’ll need sanders in the pass game

Would you play sanders here now because of the weather conditions in Buffalo?

I’d go Williams tbh. Means you get the entire Packers run game, which is their focus. with Mahomes out, I expect Green Bay to take the lead and then try to control the game, through running the ball.

Sanders is it a committee against a great defense, and Mckissick sits behind Ty Johnson

@N7Decker with the weather currently in buffalo. High winds and rain. You think Philly leans on the run a little more?

Maybe they try and after three 3 and outs in a row it’s time to try something else

Yes, but I don’t think they’ll be particularly effective doing it. Plus Jordan Howard is going to get the bulk of the carries anyways I believe, so I wouldn’t risk it.

we know Williams and Jones are each going to get plenty of touches, in Green Bay is going to want to control the ball in this one

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