Rb start sit help please

So this is a standard leauge. I want to start three of the 5 I have this week.

Justin jackson

I’m leaning connor for sure and have Gibson and jackson my next two. Just not sure about ceh vs Denver but like tough because connor and henry had good days against them still. So any input would be great

Conner for sure like you said. Gibson and Jackson are slated to have better matchups which could have more boom game potential. But regardless CEH always have a higher floor.

If you have a winning record, I’d go with the floor approach and play Conner, CEH, Andy Jackson.

If you need a big week then go for the boom potential and play with Conner, Gibson, and Jackson.

Ya its thought I’m 3 and 3 and projected about 10 points behind my matchup this week. So might have to go boom side