RB Targets for ROS

Who are some RB that you are targeting for ROS, particularly in Playoff Weeks?

I’ve been trying to get Kamara, has an amazing playoff schedule.

Play off RB’s would include

Ravens RB’s
Atlanta RB’s
Saints RB’s
New Eng RB’s
Houston RB

this might help

Higher the # the better. Running back chart

Ingram and Hunt too

The only rbs I agree with here are saints and maybe atlanta. Not sure how the freeman situation is going to look like by then, he is getting hurt a lot and not being utilized as much. Coleman is a risky play if freeman is still in. And I don’t think anyone truly wants to own any ravens rbs, especially with some coming back from injury. The others have AWFUL playoff schedules for rbs.

You want mccoy, hunt, bell, kamara, ingram, and demarco murray.

Not sure about Shady lately. I’ve got him and he’s practically been a NO-SHOW these past two week. Lost me big time this week. Think he’s gonna be able to pick it up?

I don’t see how that offense can function without him. Simply gotta roll with him to the playoffs, nothing else you can do but hope for the best.

My other RB’s are Kamara, McKinnon and Duke.

But…yeah…LOL…how can you NOT start Shady???

just going from the page. not sure i agree with them all either.

if you look at the facts

the best teams to rush against are


in that order

Honorable mention for woodhead.

And just throwing this out there, too of that list is chargers who just held fournette to his worst game this season.