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RB/Team Composition Question


I’m in a league with 1 keeper and several good RB’s were kept in my league. Drafting 10th, my strategy was to draft 2 RB’s first knowing they’d quickly dry up, and I was left with T Gurley and L Fournette (my keeper was M Thomas for a 7th rounder).

My question is, though these aren’t the worst RB’s, is it horrible to have two RB’s on piss-poor offenses? Should I try hard to trade one for some other RB and try to swing a two for one? Not sure anyone will give up a top 10 RB.


I definitely prefer my RBs to be in good, or at least competent offenses, but it isn’t always a requirement. I actually think the Rams offense is going to be ok this year. Not good, it good enough that Gurley can actually find some room. Gurley was 15th last year in should be the worst possible scenario. The team has added WR talent, has a competent play caller, and upgraded the OL a bit. Gurley is just fine. I’m personally not a Fornette fan, but don’t think you’d love what you’d get for him. You may be stuck with him.