RB temperature check

I usually post about specific trades, but I think this may benefit me more.
My WRs are terrible and I just lost Kittle, so I’m looking for RB needy teams to upgrade. Out of my RBs below, who would you try to sell and who would you rather hold?

David Johnson
Jamaal Williams

If you can get something for Hasty do it. He is short term depending on Mostert and Coleman. You have a lot of name value in Zeke so may be able to get something good for him. Gibson, Johnson and Zeke have control of their backfields so keep at least two of them. Everyone else is in a timeshare or will lose time once injured players come back.

Dobbins- Could be something and I think is worth a hold
Williams- Target the Jones owner. May give something up for the handcuff.

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I would sell Zeke high: Big name, a lot of touches, poor performance. Maybe target Robinson or someone like that.
Would probably sell Jamaal as well, I’m holding him due to the IR spot, but Aaron Jones should be bac week 10 for sure. As @ryan604283 said, target the owner.


I was able to trade Zeke, Pollard and Hasty for Chris Carson and Gronk. Couldn’t get the Aaron Jones owner to bite on Williams, but I like how it ended up. I wasn’t playing Zeke this week and with his bye next week it feels like a decent swap receiving Carson.
Thanks for the advice guys I like how it worked out!