RB to WR trade?

Currently own the brees and Thomas stack. I was offered to trade MT& Corey clement for Alvin Kamara, Marvin Jones & Austin hooper (who I would drop). Should I take this trade? I’m currently 5-0 here’s my roster:

Howard/James White
Davante Adams
Bears DST

Bilal Powell
Ty Hilton
Doug Baldwin
Corey Davis

My only concern is after the bye week I wouldn’t have a solid WR1 to play and I would be looking to trade Howard or someone along the lines for a WR. Is this worth it to gain kamara?

Is this too easy of an accept? Is anyone tilting on kamara cause of his usage?

That’s an auto accept imo. People are tilting and he’s on bye. I just sent Hopkins and Hyde for Kamara and Cole and I thought I got a steal. 100% take that. Kamara was rested because of his insane workload and the game was over in the 2nd. He is still a top 5 rb even with Ingram.

I thought so too just looking for opinions

Pulled the trigger, gurley and kamara combo should be lethal now I gotta shop Howard or white for a solid WR