Rb trade advice for kamara

I have a guy in my league that that wants to make a trade for a RB and I’m uncertain the route to go. The only player he has that I want is kamara.

His rb’s are: kamara, Taylor, AP, Markn, Ingram, dobbins, love, Ronald Jones.
Wr: juju, Kupp, boyd, Jones jr, cooks

My RB’s are: jacobs, Ekler, sanders, Mixon, Gibson.
Wr: Hopkins, Adam’s, mclaurin, chark, Campbell

In order to land Kamara I’m thinking 2 for 1. I’m thinking ekler/mixon, ekler/sanders, Mixon/sanders. Those seem to be the only pulling weight.

Which way would you lean in a package deal for kamara? I could possibly leverage mclaurin or dj chark as well as he has Kupp as his best WR.

Thanks for all advice in advance!

Sorry forgot to include it’s standard scoring.

I’ll be honest here, I wouldn’t do any of those deals. I’d rather have any of those two rb combos over just kamara

Yeah, I definitely see your point. Maybe I’m valuing kamara too much and just stick to what I have.

I agree with @capesius15. You would be giving up too much for him. Your team right now looks pretty solid and has great depth.

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I wouldn’t do it for no other reason than the contract issues. Saints wanna throw all this money at Clowney right away but they’re hemming and hawing about Kamara. If he holds out then he’s got your 2 quality RBs and you’re left holding the bag. I wouldn’t consider Kamara until that’s all cleared up.

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