RB Trade advice.. Help!

10 team 1/2 PPR league
2RB, 1 flex and 6 bench spots.

I trade Aaron Jones
I receive Rasard Penny

I got offered Rasard Penny for Jones.

Would you make that trade. I don’t need either of these RBs persay as I already have cook and Melvin and mccoy and kerryon and Ingram.

Aaron Jones would be a keeper for $12 next year and Penny would be a Keeper for $16 next year… $200 budget. You can keep players 3 years.

Would you make the trade as both prob won’t play till week 2(Jones for sure lol). But as a backup in case of one of my studs gets an injury would you rather have penny or Jones.?

Thanks league

I would have said do it until Penny broke his finger. I can see Carson having a stubborn hold on this job for longer than he probably should, much like Murray in Tennessee last year keeping Henry a frustrating guy to own all year.

Jones i can see being more useful this year and taking the job for himself when he’s back, say by week 4. Playing with Rodgers and a better O-Line and offense with Rodgers at the helm in general will open up a lot more space for him to run so he has massive upside. Penny while i think will take the job in the end, the situation isn’t quite as cosy with the Hawks dodgy line and depleted D, as a pass catcher he’ll be better than Jones but you will need a ton of volume there for him to beat Jones as a 1stand 2nd down runner with goaline and i don’t think he gets it.

@James89 thanks for that… Yeah I think it is really a toss up. I think they will both be fine this year but don’t think either of them gets all the carries so upside is limited on both.

I just want to have the stud guy and I’m not sure if either will be that this year or next… Its a guessing game for now.

No worries and it is a tough call i agree, lucky you have Gordon, Cook as your main guys with McCoy (hopefully) and Ingram when he’s back to get the job done for you. It’s a coin flip, i suppose the edge goes to Penny in that they invested a lot of draft capital in him and he’s going to get a shot, if you believe in the talent he should win out in the end and Jones while the better runner must be on thin ice in GB given the suspension plus they do seem hell bent to give Ty as many chances as he wants. Next year will definitely be the year for either guy for sure though to really make their mark.

I don’t envy the decision!