RB Trade Advice upgrade

Really need a solid RB, but can’t figure out the right trades for my team.
Full Point PPR 10 team league

RB = DJ, Jalen Richard, Collins, Miller, Jones.
WR = Thielen, Kupp, Jeffery, Sanders, Cooper and Cobb
TE = OJ Howard and Graham

CMC, White, Mixon and Lindsay are all untouchable this week. Any advice on who I should target and who I could package together to get a boost this week?

Look for a team with RB depth. It appears you have TE depth. Is there a TE needy team?

You also have a ton of WR depth. I’d trade Cooper on the potential belief of production in Dallas and package him with Collins or someone like that (maybe even a TE or another WR) to target Chubb, White or Kerryon

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yeah the only TE needy teams have Gordon, Drake, Crowell or Gurley, Carson, Cohen, Howard, McCoy or Barkly, Mack

I may try to target Kerryon but he has Kittle. The guy with White and CMC is MIA. He hasn’t updated his line-up in forever.

I don’t think you need to package a TE to get Kerryon. Maybe Cooper and Jones? or Cooper and Collins since people seem to be afraid of the GB backfield right now.

Trying for Kerryon right now so we will see what happens.

It may be tough because he’s trending up right now, but good luck!