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RB Trade Advice


I have quite a few good running backs and I was wondering if should try to package two of them for a tier one running back that I could use in my lineup. If so, who could I target/what would be a reasonable deal.

I have: Gurley, Howard, L. Miller, D. Martin, Mixon, and A. Peterson

(2RB spots and one flex spot to use)


I would trade Martin and AP and try to get Fournette.


Okay I will try that, anyone have other ideas in case the Fournette owner doesn’t want to give him up?


As a Fournette owner I would not take that trade, but I also have Hunt Duke Kelley and Mack


I wouldn’t trade Fournette for that, but I’m stocked at RB. If he has no depth, he’ll consider it.


Yeah…he isn’t biting on that


Maybe try picking up Melvin Gordon. I think your RB depth is solid as is. Why not get a top tier WR?


what’s you WRs looking like? and If not Fournette, try Gordon.


AJ Green and Julio are my WRs so I can’t really improve on them