RB trade advice?

I decided to go for a 0 RB draft this year in a fun standard redraft 8 team league I play with friends so Im pretty stacked at WR, do I keep rolling with this team or should I use my WR depth to try and get an under performing RB1?

My team:
QB - D. Brees
RB - S. Michel, K. Johnson, T. Coleman, A. Jones, D.Lewis, P. Lindsey, L. McCoy
WR - A. Brown, O. Beckham, AJ. Green, K. Allen, C. Ridley
TE - T. Kelce

Any advice would be helpful, im 3-1 so far and looking good for this week

Dude I think you’re ok. In 8-team leagues everyone’s roster is going to be pretty stacked. I think your core of RBs is actually pretty solid - I would feel better with any of them set as my RB2 though. Maybe see if you can get a top 5 RB for either AJ Green or Keenan Allen. But I wouldn’t make a panic move.

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