RB trade Melvin Gordon for Christian McCaffrey

Okay guys, I was offered Melvin Gordon for Christian McCaffrey today. I was thinking about counter offering Drake or McKinnon plus one of my extra WRs. This is a PPR League. What are y’all’s thoughts?

Current roster
QB- Andrew Luck
QB- Marcus Mariota
RB- Christian McCaffrey
RB- Kenyon Drake
RB- Jerick McKinnon
RB- Alex Collins
WR-Antonio Brown
WR- Keenan Allen
WR- Sammy Watkins
WR- Marquise Goodwin
WR- Devin Funchess
WR- Nelson Agholor
TE- Jack Doyle

If he’s dumb enough to take McKinnon + a WR for RB, obviously you do it but if he has any common sense, he’ll probably just laugh in your face.

Gordon for CMac is a very good trade in your favor already. I would’ve taken that trade as soon as it was sent and I am one of the highest on CMAC.


Same opinion if you can unload McKinnon plus a wr do it. But if not I’d probally take that trade! Feel like Gordon is going to get alot of use this year!

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Just make the trade my friend. Gordon will make your team shine!