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RB trade Melvin Gordon for Christian McCaffrey


Okay guys, I was offered Melvin Gordon for Christian McCaffrey today. I was thinking about counter offering Drake or McKinnon plus one of my extra WRs. This is a PPR League. What are y’all’s thoughts?

Current roster
QB- Andrew Luck
QB- Marcus Mariota
RB- Christian McCaffrey
RB- Kenyon Drake
RB- Jerick McKinnon
RB- Alex Collins
WR-Antonio Brown
WR- Keenan Allen
WR- Sammy Watkins
WR- Marquise Goodwin
WR- Devin Funchess
WR- Nelson Agholor
TE- Jack Doyle


If he’s dumb enough to take McKinnon + a WR for RB, obviously you do it but if he has any common sense, he’ll probably just laugh in your face.

Gordon for CMac is a very good trade in your favor already. I would’ve taken that trade as soon as it was sent and I am one of the highest on CMAC.


Same opinion if you can unload McKinnon plus a wr do it. But if not I’d probally take that trade! Feel like Gordon is going to get alot of use this year!


Just make the trade my friend. Gordon will make your team shine!