RB TROUBLE! What Could I Possibly do?

Hey all – This is a 10 team, Full PPR, redraft league. I am 3-4 and about to play two of the toughest teams in the league. My RBs are VERY troubled; I’ve been offering trades all week but can’t really seem to get anyone to bite. What would you do? Should I get more aggressive and start offering my really good players? Or do I hold tight with Barner this week and hope Sony can come back and save me next week? I could also pick up/start Smallwood, Ivory, or Trenton Cannon, I suppose, but don’t particularly like any of those options.

QB: Patrick Mahomes
RB: Nick Chubb
RB: Kenjon Barner
WR: Davante Adams
WR: Juju Smith-Schuster
TE: Zach Ertz
W/R/T: Josh Gordon
DEF: Arizona Defense
K: Justin Tucker
BN: Doug Baldwin
BN: Geronimo Allison
BN: Ito Smith
BN: OJ Howard
BN: Sony Michel
BN: Leonard Fournette

Trade Ertz for a back end RB1. Someone in the David Johnson, Joe Mixon, Kerryon Johnson range. Might have to package with Josh Gordon or Geronimo Allison. But the drop from Ertz to OJ Howard is much smaller than the boost you would get from your current RB2 options and someone like Joe Mixon.

Ugh I just got Ertz last week in a huge value move, basically gave up Breida and Burton for him

I disagree although I agree in principal. But I think teams this season who own Ertz Kelce or whoever ends up top 5 at TE are the only champ contenders. You have a lot of other Trade bait for another RB. I’d go for someone like Tevin using Doug Baldwin and somethjng else. Maybe using OJ. Knowing you’ll get 10’TE targets is pretty major

I don’t like josh Gordon much either ROS. I think he’s there to support everyone else. Their playbook is too intricate to allow for him to be a true WR1 ROS as talented as he may be. He’s not Randy Moss. Hevand OJ could get maybe Tarik or Kerryon. Or Diggs at his low right now. Your team is strong. I’d bottom feed before giving up a top 2 positional player. Just my thought long term. Maybe sell Mahomes high too with OJ for someone low like Kamara even. If at all possible

Ertz for Breida and Burton was a good move. Keeping Ertz makes sense, although I still feel that your RB situation is such a black hole that the potential upgrade there more than offsets the drop. But I am an Eagles fan, so I fully support the decision to keep Ertz.

I assume based on your initial post that you’ve already tried shopping OJ and your middling WRs for an RB and got no traction. The next big name I would dangle is Juju. I have him on my team, and I love him, but the Antonio Brown factor means he’s always at risk of a down week. Moving him for a bona fide RB1 would work too. You might be able to target a Zeke or Kamara.

Selling high on Mahomes makes sense, but depends heavily on who the streamers are available in your league. On my league a LOT of owners roster 2 QBs even though we only start 1, so the streaming options are not super awesome.

I really appreciate your input but I strongly disagree on Gordon. He’s already playing maximum snaps and the last two weeks have just been the tip of the iceberg. I think he’s going to be a monster down the stretch – Brady also seems to love him.

Part of the thing is that I find it hard to identify RBs who are even worth trading for. I would rather keep Juju and Davante as a dynamic duo with Gordon as my flex ROS. I’m fine with Chubb and hoping Fournette and Sony can bounce back asap, but obviously that’s pressing right now. What kind of RB should I even be targeting with a package of Baldwin/OJ or Geronimo/OJ? I tried pretty extensively yesterday with the Phil Lindsay owner, but he foolishly dropped Baldwin two weeks ago (I got him with #1 waiver) and is stubbornly not wanting him back, and simply doesnt’ seem to be able to make Geronimo and OJ for Lindsay work (his roster is also kind of dry).

Many are in the same situation. How to win the Todd Gurley Championship series as I call it. Same situation as last year. I have a good bunch of RB’s but they just can’t seem to hit on the same week. Even if they do good it normally takes two to topple Gurley. There is only 1 other RB than can match him.

Best you can do is hope Fournette can get going. I have him too and it’s killing me. I have Kamara, White, Chubb, Yeldon, Hyde, Clemente as well but without Fournette it’s not going to happen.

Lol I appreciate your reply but this is really not at all relevant to this thread or what I posted

Your only shot is hope Fournette returns. There is nobody that can take out Gurley except Hunt is what I am saying. It takes two players to take him out.

Gurley is not at all relevant to this thread; I have no idea why you’re bringing this up

Philip Lindsay is an accurate target for Baldwin/OJ, but I think if the Lindsay owner wants to stand pat I can’t blame him. Starting quality RBs are hard to find. Other RBs in that high RB2 range: Kerryon, Lamar Miller, AP? Crowell might see a steadier bump in touches with Bilal Powell on IR. Not super inspiring, but then again, neither is OJ Howard. Maybe find an owner who has been streaming TEs all season, see if he has an every week Flex RB he’s willing to part with for OJ, who could likely be his TE for ROS?