Rb upgrade?

Should i trade Chubb and DUKE for Cook??
my other RBs are sony/d Montgomery/mattison(cook Backup)

full ppr
my WRs are
m thomas
ty hilton
if that helps any

I personally think they are similar backs. I like Cook more than Chubb but don’t think hes worth giving up an RB2/Flex guy for. If he wanted to do the trade straight up I’d do it.

my issue is duke isnt main guy and chubb is on the browns, they gave goalin work to hiliard

Duke still scored 10+ points and is great in PPR. You can’t base a season off of one week and goalline carry. The Browns offense will usually be a lot better than last week and I would imagine Chubb will get the majority of goalline carries

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I agree Chubb will improve, but Cook is amazing and if he is healthy will definitely be top 5. Cleveland has a lot of options and Minnesota is very run heavy. I would do this deal especially with Hunt eventually coming back. This only reservation I have is with Cook’s health. But this is the second year post ACL.

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Dang if Cook didn’t have the injury prone tag attached to his name I’d be all about this.

I Just dont wanna go into the post season thinking hunt can steal the spot light and im stuck with 2 backups

i also took mattison to have insurance on cook i feel like im set if the deal goes through

forgot i also have Breida