Rb Values for trades

Trying to work a trade to upgrade the rb currently just trying to figure out who to target.
try to rank these please
L. Bell, Damien Williams, M. Ingram, D. Henry, Aaron Jones

Looking to give up ertz and either hollywood or tyrell williams

Any thoughts?

Rank would be Bell, Jones, Ingram, Henry, Williams.

Hard to get most of them unless you are giving up a RB in return. Most teams cant lose their top back for another position.

the team with ingram has williams and chubb and coleman so probably can afoford to lose one and only has mcdonald for te on the roster so they need a te bad. Hoping to pray on that

I think Williams is obviously the easiest target since he hasnt done anything yet. Ingram and Jones have had their best weeks already so going to be tough to get them

you think ertz for williams is to much to offer?

hard to say. If Damien becomes the clear lead back it could be a great trade. but that could also turn into a hot hand type where you dont know what you are going to get. Who else do you have at TE that you are set on trading Ertz?

i have andrews which i really think will finish top 5 on the year at te i mean i could move either but they already showed interest in ertz

yeah I personally like Ertz more, so if you are targeting Williams I would trade Andrews. Either way you might be able to get Williams and someone else if they need a TE bad. Those both should be top 5 at the end of the year.

I think that might be the back i go after lower buying price and everything.

Thanks for the advice. much appreciated

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