RB Waiver Question

I currently have the following Rostered after my draft. 10 team Non PPR

Barkley (1st)
M. Gordon (2nd)
A. Collins (5th)
Rex Burkhead (8th)
Sony Michel (11th)
Marlin Mack (14th)

On the Waivers currently:

Peyton Barber
Latavius Murray

I like to be RB heavy, obviously, but i am curious what y’all think of dropping Mack and picking one of these gents up. The Footballers are high on Murray and P. Barber is TB’s #1 right now.

This is a tough one. I like dropping Mack and getting one of the two on waivers. I’d probably go Barber because he is the #1 right now but the value is probably Murray here.

I have no interest in Murray other than as a handcuff in a league that’s deep enough for me to actually care about handcuffs. If you needed to actually start this player I would prefer Barber, but this is your rb6 so you are looking for upside, and I think Mack has way more upside than Barber does. So I’m sticking with Mack.

I’d stand pat. I think Murray will be involved, and ok from a production standpoint, but Mack still has a chance to win the starting role. Not sure how great the chance is, but at least it’s there.

Thanks for the thoughts. Appreciate it.