RB Waiver Wire Pickups

Standard League I need to pick up another good RB for the ROS. Especially for week 10 when Hunt is on a Bye.
A. Collins
R. Kelley
M. Mack
M. Breida

I feel like Collins is the forever guy to pickup for 7 points and drop a week later.

I rank them:

  1. Kelley
  2. Mack
  3. Collins
  4. Breida

I would say:

  1. Collins
  2. Mack
  3. Kelly
  4. Breida

Collins should keep solidifying himself for the year and if the colts are smart they give mack more touches

Obviously I don’t trust Collins (or the Ravens in general for that matter). Their schedule the rest of the way is pretty favorable though. However, the impending return of Terrance West AND possibly Danny Woodhead will kill Collins’ value. While he’s probably the better RB, there will be a lot of mouths to feed down the stretch.