RB waivers week 3

just listened to the podcast and the guys left the RB waivers a bit murky. i cannot get a good read on who is the #1 pickup. I have the #1 waiver pickup in my league. All the big names are available except Freeman and Kelley. So I have McKinnon, Davis and Henderson available. I was not affected by the injuries this week, knock on wood. But I would love one of these big names. Lets hear some chatter on what all of you think. I think McKinnon is the biggest pickup. Davis seems like he will see snaps but not a lot of volume. Henderson seems good too, but will be a backfield by committee

I’m in almost the same situation. I have the #1 claim and also have McKinnon. Freeman is available as well as Davis and Henderson. You’re right, definitely left it a bit murky. I like Henderson but that backfield is a mess. Davis will be good but for a limited time till CMC comes back. I almost want to take a shot at Freeman because I feel like he’ll have better season long value if he’s any good. I still can’t make up my mind.

I’m skipping Davis and going for McKinnon.

Depends on win now or not. Seems to me like McKinnon has the long term upside so I’d go there. I’m similar, 2nd waiver priority. 5 man bench. QB Allen. RBs Kamara, Chubb, Ingram, Dobbins, Snell. WRs Hill, Chark, DJ Moore, K Allen, C Davis. Who do I prioritize on waivers between M Davis/J McKinnon/J Kelley? Will get one. 2-0 in this league so immediate upside isn’t a priority

I like McKinnon long term. Davis is available in my league and I’m going for him in hopes that he helps secure some wins for me while McCaffrey is out (or I can use him as trade capital). Once CMC is back Davis’ value will drop dramatically. Trying to predict the Rams backfield is a headache I don’t want, so I’m not big on Henderson.