RB Who to Drop?

Have to drop one Moss, Ronald Jones, Benny Snell…thoughts? For context i also have Connor on my roster.

I’d keep Snell, he’s your handcuff for Conner. Who’s injury prone and iffy right now. I’d drop Jones. Moss, to me, has better upside through the season.

I’d drop Moss, Ro Jo looked good last week and should be able to hold down the lead role for at least a few weeks, all things going to plan you can flip him in a few weeks time if you don’t believe he’s locked it down. Moss and Singletary will probably be in an arm wrestle this season with neither really being reliable or valuable week to week. I think you’re stuck with Snell for at least the next few weeks while everything with the steelers play out unfortunately

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Who are you dropping him for? Not a lot of guys on the wire are better than them, and even less so if you factor in FAAB cost

I have Miles Sanders on my IR since he was out last week and picked up Snell prior to monday night just in case something happened to Connor. Now before i can move sanders back in the line up i have to drop an RB to meet the RB limit of 5 on my roster.

I would drop Jones. That backfield is generally split between Leonard, Shady, Jones plus your other guys have higher upside. Snell is a premium handcuff if you have Connor, since you can lock down the Steelers RB room.

I would first try to bundle two of them for a more clear start-able option (without trying to be too greedy). You probably have until Sunday to make it happen since Sanders doesn’t play tonight. In fact, I would love to bundle Connor and Snell for someone and rid myself of the Steelers backfield headache.

Otherwise it’s a tough call between RoJo and Moss. I think I prefer to have Moss, but it’s pretty even there I feel like

I’d drop moss