RB woes! Too soon to panic?

Sooo I’m off to a blazing hot 0-2 start this season thanks to a couple of floating turds in my running back punch bowl. The league is very competitive and the waiver wire is a barren wasteland littered with injured stars, start/sit headaches and “who the hell is that?” Players to sift through. Do I hold strong and drink turd punch for another week or two? Trying soo hard not to hit the panic button this early! Thanks Footclan!

I don’t think it’s time to panic. That being said, that probably isn’t a championship roster, so changes will have to be made. I would be actively looking at the trade market. The hard part is that most of your players are at dangerously low trade values right now. You might have to wait and hold for a big week from a couple players and try and sell high. There is still hope though for sure.

Full point PPR. Forgot to mention.

Never panic. Just roll up the sleeves and get to work. First thing, get Baldwin on the IR. I believe Out is supported on ESPN.

In week three Lynch is an auto start above McCoy.

I don’t think you can bench David Johnson. I expect the media pressure will tell the Cardinals coaching staff what to do. A coaching change or QB change is immanent.

At the same time I would look to trade a couple WR for an RB. M Williams, N Agholor and W Fuller should all be on the block.

Definitely been putting the feelers out. Hoping to buy low on hunt or even Mixon right now if I can. Both of their owners have a mediocre receiving corps at best. Thanks!

If AZ doesnt’ change QBs this week you’ll have to make a move at RB. Lynch is easily star-table but you have 2 bad starting RBs at the moment and only 1 backup.