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RB, WR, and Flex help


I need 2 RBs, 2 WRs, and a flex this week. I have a lot of good choices but idk who to lock in this week. Who would you play?

K. Hunt v. Bills
C. Mccaffrey @ Jets
J. Ajayi v. Bears
S. Perine v. Giants
D. Murray @ Colts
D. Martin @ Falcons

B. Cooks v. Dolphins
D. Funchess @ Jets
R. Anderson v. Panthers
C. Hogan v. Dolphins
S. Shepard @ Redskins


Appreciate any help I could get


-K. Hunt
-C. Mccaffrey
-B. Cooks
-D. Funchess
-S. Perine


I appreciate that. Any other opinions would be great.