RB/WR Depth

In a standard, 12 team redraft league that I am in, the roster consists of all your basic roster spots plus 3 IDPs, 8 bench spots. If I go all in on RBs/WRs for the first 8 or 9 rounds then I will have depth but I will also be leaving points on my bench every week and have gruesome start/sit decisions. I am not big into trading so thats one reason I usually stay away from being so depth heavy but would like any input/advice people have on this topic, thanks


Depending on scoring format there are sneaky IDP’s. in season check out idpguru.com

I think you should project points and tier all positions based on that. I think Landon Collins, Keanu Neal and MLB from LAC are all very under rated this year.

You should get starters the draft depth imo. You can count on finding one Idp on the waivers if you pay attention.


Thanks. My league’s scoring system still values tackling machine LBs the highest but still gives big points for sacks, turnovers, and TFLs. Collins was the #1 ranked IDP last year in our league and as a safety that is pretty crazy. I have lost so many weeks because of having points on my bench because bad start/sit decisions but I will try get depth. It’ll end up paying off during bye weeks is the thing I need to remember about it

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Tell me your scoring system, and I’ll give you my top 12 IDP’s for your format.

I agree MLB’s are typically the best for systems that reward tackles but some SS have great success.
I like Collins because he’s roughly 100 total tackles guy, with turn over and pass defending upside. New York Giants are also very generous with tackle counts and seem to hate having a decent linebacker core. He’s a safer bet than you think. Collins, Neal and Reshard Jones are these type of guys. Everyone else in the SS/CB role… meh. Maybe?

He’s below guys like Bobby Wagner, but a bit higher than CJ Mosley in my league or record. The great part is everyone doubts the safeties, they are seen as unreliable. Collins, Neal and Reshard Jones should have this role for some time to come.


I was surprised to see how good Neal was last year. He averaged 9.1 pts per game, missing 2 games. I had Jones last year and he tore it up for 10.5 pts per game but played in only 6 games. Collins is definitely a target for me this year averaging 12.2 pts per game last year. I don’t think Collins will do quite as good this yr but is still a lock for being a top 3 DB barring injury

Here is my IDP scoring system:
Solo Tackle = 1 pt
Assisted Tackle = 0.5 pt
Sack = 4 pts
Half sack = 2 pts
Tackle for loss = 2 pts
INT = 5.5 pts
Pass deflection = 1.5 pts
Forced fumble = 3.5 pts
Fumble recovery = 2 pts
Safety = 5.5 pts
Block kick/punt = 5.5 pts
Any TD = 6 pts
2 pt return = 2 pts

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So I don’t factor in all your scoring stuff into my stats like tackle for a loss, safeties, ect. I do factor in TD’s but assume that no players get them. Neal is a little worse in our scoring format as he will get alot of assisted tackles. He’s much better in a total tackle league.

Player Name - Projected Points for 2017

Landon Collins - 154
Reshad Jones - 153
Keanu Neal - 132
JJ Watt - 151
Luke Kuechly - 167
Kwon Alexander - 163
Alec Ogletree - 148
Bobby Wagner -146
Ryan Shazier - 143 (injury risk?)
Deion Jones - 143
CJ Mosley - 142
Vontaze Burfict - 141 (Sleeper?)
Jatavis Brown - 140
Telvin Smith - 136

I’ll note that Collins, Jones, Neal and Watt are the only non-linebackers I recommend for your league. There are some more SS’s that can function like LB2’s but you can just WW them in my opinion. Depending on league… most people don’t think very hard about IDP’s. Which should give you some advantage here.

Thanks a lot for takin the time to do this. About half of those LBs were already gonna be some of my targets for this year but I need all the under the radar guys possible cause I’ll be in 3 leagues with IDPs this yr

No problem. It’s early and all. My opinions will change. However, I think many are sleeping on how many tackles Keanu and Collins will get. Burfict should be a beast as well.

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