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Rb+wr package


I’ve got a trade offer in mind that I think it’s a pretty even but I want to make sure I’m not selling too low on Hilton. There is a guy in my league who is a hype monster, claims everyone who has a huge game. This time I beast him to the wire and got Cohen.

I’d like to offer my Cohen+ty Hilton for his Melvin Gordon+Corey davis.

Gordon is a beast and with luck out I don’t really want Hilton right now.

My other wrs are Micheal Thomas, e.sanders, djax, amendola

Rbs: Freeman, crowell, Kelley, riddick Rodgers


Bump for thoughts


I would do it for sure, I’m holding on to Hilton unless I get decent value, not selling low for sure. But this is a great trade for you in my opinion. I would do it even without corey davis.


right on thanks. going to offer hilton, if he doesnt go for it ill hang on to hilton and shop other trades for cohen. idk if im comfortable giving up hilton and cohen for gordon, i figure gordon is worth about ~20 points a game cohen maybe 12, hilton without luck is like 5 and with luck is about 20. I need production now tho so well see.


I’d do it to go and get Gordon. You seem set at WR and I’m not a huge Crowell fan so Gordon if a significant upgrade


Thanks man!