RB1 discussion

Gurley, Bell, Connor, Chubb

Which do you want to be your RB1 and why?

I have the chance to take one in a standard 2 keeper league.

Chubb, because he checks the most boxes:

He’s the combination of the cleanest bill of health, the least tread on the tires, the best pedigree, and the best opportunity in the least crowded backfield of a good offense.

By the time it will become crowded (by Hunt), Chubb will have done his work for you and you’ll be playoff bound provided the rest of your team is strong. And if the rest of your team is strong, Hunt’s presence won’t do enough damage to Chubb’s load to damage your team.

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Chubb is who I’m leaning towards grabbing. I have the 2nd pick in a 2 QB 2 Keeper league.

Chubb for me. I was thinking he may be flying under the radar, but from the looks of it in here, the consensus, he isn’t so unnoticed. I hope my league isn’t so woke. :blush:

Appreciate the feedback!

Would it be smart if I grab Hunt as well or would it suck having both on the roster?

Also the two other drafts I’ve done they slept on Chubb.

I would stay far away from Hunt. He’ll tie up a roster spot and will be out for 8 weeks, then bye week, then at least one game to see how they’re using him. So first time you could use him will be week 10.

If you have a strong team, there’s no reason not to stash Hunt.

Right now, it doesn’t seem likely that he could have any impact. However, it’s August. We know nothing about what will happen in November and December. And we’re fools if we think a talented guy like that doesn’t have a shot at changing the makeup of their backfield upon his return. Cleveland didn’t pick him up so that he could sit around and not be used. And he is scheduled to come back just as fantasy crunch time comes around. Sure, you may not really be certain of his role until weeks 11 / 12, but let’s say he lives up to his talent and starts lighting it up enough to make Chubb have some bad weeks at fantasy season’s end? You don’t want to be the Chubb owner who let somebody else snag Hunt. Complaints about clogging one’s bench are overrated. Build a solid team and that bench spot that Hunt is keeping warm doesn’t matter.

I wouldn’t grab Hunt. The current handcuff for Chubb is Dontrell Hilliard. Though I am not a big proponent of cuffing unless the RB1 has an injury history. Even then I’d rather get a startable RB if possible.

You’re right about Hilliard, but I’m not recommending Hunt as a cuff for Chubb. I’m recommending Hunt as a super-talented back that Cleveland intends to use, who is therefore potentially fantasy-relevant during the fantasy playoffs.

We’ll see how it plays out, but I don’t think having him is the worst thing, esp. in weeks 12 thru 15.

I don’t have any plans to handcuff Kareem Hunt either, I did consider taking him if he was in a spot I thought was reasonable in the draft; only to possibly use him for trade bait later on. Of course he will utilize a spot on your bench that you could be potentially using on an active player, but depending on your trading deadline that option may not be feasible for many. Just my .02 ¢ents