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RB1 loses QB!? Production


With Tannehill potentially out does everyone feel this helps or hurts Jay Ajayi production? Might guarantee more touches but does this limit touchdown upside?


I am not sure it changes much of anything. Tannehill is better than Moore, but not by much.


i dont think its a huge concern. im hearing they are targeting cutler. With that said matt moore isnt that bad of a qb. they still made playoffs and he jumped in very late in the season while not getting many practice reps. He has all offseason to get ready now. If you are high on ajayi i dont think that should change much


Yeah I agree. Moore is pretty much a lateral move and Cutler is probably an upgrade.


As a potential Ajayi owner I would be more concerned with how well the offensive line will stay healthy this season. We seen last season when Pouncy went down (which was right after Ajayi had the two monster 200 yard games in a row) Ajayi’s running game was not as good and he just couldn’t seem to find a hole. One thing is for sure though, he is going to get 20 plus touches a game most of the time and that is always good for a potential RB1.


As others have said, Tannehill’s injury stands to have a great effect on the receivers (because you don’t know who Moore is going to have established with already - we could be seeing another case of the infamous QB2/favorite-backup-WR combo akin to the Bryce Petty/Robbie Anderson one last season).

Gase’s offensive scheme appears to present that Ajayi isn’t likely to see a decrease in touches from this injury, if anything it might actually ratchet him up slightly in passing game targets with increased checkdowns (particularly early in the season), but Moore was never shy about putting the ball downfield when he was in Carolina (if Cutler comes in then I’d be a little more wary of his PPR numbers dipping slightly), but they’ll still run plenty because Gase’s scheme is predicated off of play-action and Gase is aware of the fact that Cutler is most effective when he’s allowed to bootleg.

I will say, the one guy the Tannehill injury might have actually helped is Parker - depending on how much he got a chance to practice/work with Moore last season (if Cutler comes in, and Parker stays healthy, he’s a WR2 lock to me - he’s the prototypical type of WR that Cutler feeds like he’s a fat kid’s mom).


It’s certainly not a good thing for Ajayi, but it also isn’t terrible. RB’s are successful with bad QB’s all the time, and this isn’t really different IMO.


Thanks for the tips everyone, still trying to decide on Jay Ajayi for a 4th or Mike Evans for a 2nd in my standard keeper league this year. Already keeping DJ for a 10th and OBJ for my 1st.


Both are great options.