RB1 - Mack or White

I’m having trouble here… should i stick with James White as my RB2 (in Pitt) or put Marlon Mack in his place (in Dallas)?

Earlier in the season it would’ve been an easy decision but with the return of Burkhead and Michelle, it seems as if his production has lessened.

This is a terrible decision to have to make. The Pats are using anybody and everybody, so White’s production can be volatile. On the other hand, Dallas has been good on the Def side of the ball, and Mack has shown to be shut down. Between the two, I would go White. It feels like there’s a greater chance for success. And, if the Colts get down early, Mack won’t be utilized nearly as much.

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Ouch those arnt great choices, to me white seems to have the most upside with a td chance

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I’d go white as well in ppr I’m sure he’ll get his receptions

PPR – Thanks guys for the feedback