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RB2 choice as well as FLEX....Will help in return


my roster is set now moving forward

QB: Tom Brady
WR: Mike Evans
WR: Jordy Nelson
RB: Kareem Hunt
RB: ???
TE: Jimmy Graham
FLEX: ???
K: Will Lutz
DEF: Houston

RB to choice: Tarik Cohen, Ameer Abdullah, Javorius Allen, Chris Carson

FLEX: any of the rest of the RB’s or Cooper Kupp, DeVante Parker, Corey Coleman, or Corey Davis

Help out guys and I will return the favor.

Trade advice. Gillislee and D Parker for Fournette

You’ve got high scorers everywhere. I’d go safe with these last two spots - Cohen in the RB and Parker in the Flex.


A PPR league?


sorry meant to add that earlier its 12 team standard


I like Allen or Cohen for the RB and def Parker for the flex.


For you’re RB I’d go Abdullah. Flex Parker.
Being a standard league is something to consider for Allen and Cohen. Also, Allen will split touches with West, Cohen and Howard. Primarily pass catchers. Abdullah will do both for now.


I would say cohen rb2 and Parker flex


only problem with that though is theo riddick, right?..he is their primary passing RB


Right, Abdullah will get all the volume running the ball, at a volume standpoint not a problem. at all.


I say Abdullah and kupp
Abdullah has the most upside and is the leading back
As of kupp same he has more upside potential