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RB2 conundrum!


Murray against a possibly stacked Miami box if Mariota is out or Abdullah against a stingy Carolina run defense? I’m just about over this Murray/Henry backfield or this wouldn’t be an question…


Murray, but I don’t love it.


I don’t envy you. I have some good depth after a rough start with Murray, so I’m letting him sit (especially with Mariota in flux). Also I’m a huge fan of Abdullah and he really seems to be making the most of his new opportunity in the offense. No one is cutting into his run share. Worked for him last week vs the Vikings.


You and me both…


Yeah I mean Hunt is my RB1 and either of these guys would actually be more of a flex play for me with Hyde as my real RB2 with a nice match up against Indy this week. But I lean Abdullah mostly because he proved good against an extremely tough matchup last week and that volume he gets.