RB2 Doubting

So just completed my draft, and I am dealing with a RB2 decision. I got Zeke so RB1 is locked, but I have Ajayi, Freeman, and Crowell. Initially I was going Ajayi so I can give Freeman the chance to secure the job, but with the injury still lingering I am thinking of dropping Crowell and/or Donte Moncrief for Clement or Barber. Thoughts? Am overthinking?

FYI our league is standard, has limited bench spots, and IMO I killed on WRs. I got M.Thomas, D.Adams, Fitz, & A.Robinson, so I’m not too worried about dropping Moncrief as he was my late round flier.

Would much rather drop moncrief. Crowell isnt a sexy player to have, but he has a path to ahigh end RB2, maybe even RB1 if he gets a workload that no one is expecting. While moncrief could do the same ish thing as a WR, like you said you have great depth at WR and RB depth is a bit lacking in easy to predict big workloads. I think Freeman will get there, but that leaves you weak for about 6 weeks I would say, and ajayi could, but you have to wonder about Clement. I think ajayi gets a good workload but I’m not going to guarantee it. So handing one more possible workload guy is more beneficial than having another WR maybe, when you’re already lookin good there. And you dont gain a better workload chance by grabbing one of them.

Agree that dropping moncrief and not Crowell is a no-brainer, but disagree that Crowell has anything approaching an rb1 ceiling. I’d say midlevel rb2 is his absolute ceiling, and you’re more realistically hoping for rb2/3 production, which isn’t bad for a late round rb.

And given your situation, you’re taking Barber over Clement. Barber should be the main back in TB at least to start the year, and can help bridge the gap while waiting for Freeman to take over the backfield (but I really don’t think you’ll be waiting long, if at all).

You don’t see a world where they lean on him for 300+ touches? Cause there is one. I’m not by any means saying it will be, cause hell I even said a workload that no one is expecting. I think we are on the same page, I just acknowledge that there is the smallest of chances that they use and abuse him with touches. I just left the door open for that is all. Mostly wishful thinking but I agree, where he will finish is probably RB22-24 in my book, which is still good value.