RB2 Options J.Jacobs or C.Carson

Who would you take as our RB2, J.Jacobs or C.Carson?

I have been doing some mock drafts and seem to always come to this after I take WR, TE, RB as my first 3 picks.

I love both picks honestly. They are also my options for my 4th pick however jacobs has been being pick just before I go lately. And I’m perfectly fine with carson since hes going to be more involved in the passing game this season. If you take him I’d try taking penny just incase he gets hurt again though

carson for me. i do like jacobs, but im not sold on the raiders. i flip flop on them a lot with the offense. the amount he will be used, and how long they can stay on the field as a team is concerning. so since i have them close, ill take the good team, that wants to run the ball a lot, and its a guy i do think is very very good.