RB2 Start - Jones, Ingram, Montgomery?

Full PPR 12 team. Who would you start as your RB2 this week? Kamara is my RB1.

Current Starters:
QB - Ryan
RB1 - Kamara
RB2 - ?
WR1 - Allen
WR2 - Amari
TE - Engram
Flex - Godwin
K - Gould
DST - Cowboys

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How you have this much depth is insane in a 12man. Good job first off. Secondly and more importantly. Jones is probably your best play since he is getting Guaranteed work on a strong offense. The Ravens may have to throw a lot more this week to keep up with KC, so that is my knock on Ingram. And Monty is just not getting as much work as he should be at this point in the season.

Thanks I got some serious value in the draft and did some early trades. I actually still have Thielen benched this week and Brown, Singletary and Drake rounding out the RBs. (Purely rostered Drake to see if a trade happens).

If Lafleur hadn’t come out and said he wants to even this time share out I wouldn’t have second guessed myself. I was starting to think Ingram to get a piece of that Ravens/KC game, I still think he’ll be pretty involved.

You putting much stock in the GB coach speak? I know Williams is getting an even-ish share of snaps but touches favour Jones, hoping they don’t mess with it too much

Its honestly a hard decision. I really dont think you can go wrong either way. I just feel like Jones has more upside than Ingram. Ingram would be a floor play and Jones a ceiling play. If that helps

That’s fair, I could see Ingram for 60-70 total yards and maybe a TD. Jones should do a lot more in the receiving game, last weeks targets were encouraging.