RB2 Start: MGIII, Tevin Coleman, or D'Andre Swift?

Full PPR - With Phillip Lindsay looking likely to play tomorrow and Tevin Coleman now activated my confident MGIII start is now diminishing. I also have Swift on the bench, but I worry that the Colts matchup won’t do him any favors. Someone help! Who gets the start and why? I wanna start Tevin but never know what the 49ers are going to do…

Lindsey hasn’t been involved in the passing game this season just one reception. I think MG is the best option. I would avoid Coleman cause they are unpredictable unless you want the take the chance getting 1 to 20 points. McKinnon was getting “rest” for 4 games even though Wilson didn’t practice fully all week. Swift loses some touches to Peterson just depends who gets the TDs there.

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Rolling with Gordon! Appreciate it!

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Glad you avoided Swift! Wow