RB2 this week - Mixon or Cook?

Half PPR 10 team league:

QB: Mahomes
RB: Melvin Gordon
RB: ???
WR: Adam Theilen
Flex: Keenan Allen

I am playing the 2nd place team, and the projected points have me winning by 10 so it is kind of close despite being so stacked…

I have Joe Mixon and Dalvin Cook to choose as my RB2 this week…
Mixon @ Baltimore Ravens
Cook @ Chicago Bears

Both are horrible matchups going against good defenses so seeking a lil feedback who you guys have more confidence in this week…


Lean Mixon if Flacco doesn’t play as gameflow will be in favor of more TOP for the Bengals.

I would run with Mixon, I just have more confidence of them running the offense through him.

It’s Mixon by a mile for me. He’s a dual threat if they’re winning he runs a ton if they’re losing he catches passes it a no brained to me. Full disclosure I don’t trust Cook and don’t think he’ll be the same guy. I could definitely be wrong but just don’t have a good feeling about him. I’d even try trading him and see what return I get back. Your roster is solid enough without him