RB2 Trade Advice

In a 12 team PPR league on ESPN, I sent a trade offer to the Carson owner and wanted to see if it was fair or not, and if it’s not fair how I could make it better

Send: Mike Williams, Jalen Richard

Receive: Chris Carson

QB: Matt Ryan

RB: DJ, Sony, Latavius, Royce Freeman, Ronald Jones, and Jalen Richard

WR: AB, Thielen, Dede, Mike Williams, Anthony Miller and Chris Conley

TE: Eifert

I’ve already been perusing the WW and will hopefully be reqlacing Ronald Jones w/Damien Harris and Conley w/Marquise Brown

I think a lot of that depends on the other guy’s team makeup. My assumption though is Carson is his RB2.

Personally, I would not accept that trade if I were him. Trading for a WR3 and backup RB for my RB2 (who could potentially end up as an RB1) does not make sense to me.

I think if you want to move forward with that trade negotiation you need to include a starting RB or someone with more value even if they aren’t the every down starter, ala Tarik Cohen.

I don’t believe there’s any way that gets accepted, especially with the upward momentum Carson is currently experiencing. Personally I’d reject it pretty simply.

Not sure what else the Carson owner has, but consider offering L Murray/dede for Carson and a throw in (2 for 2 always looks better than a 2 for 1, which on the receiving end feels like the other guy is just peddling garbage) or Thielen/Anthony Miller. It’s going to take a guy that you likely really don’t want to give up in order to land Carson!

Sorry, on that second one I meant Thielen/royce

Yeah, trade was rejected but I was hoping it would turn into a bit of a back and forth, but it did not. Trade was rejected and subsequent messages ignored so I doubt I’m getting Carson in this league lol. But my waiver pickups were successful, so I feel much more comfortable having Sony as my RB2 knowing Damien Harris would pick up a ton of carries if he goes down (hopefully)

Also, dropped Eifert to pick up Gesicki after I noticed his decent preseason showing. Cinci offense scares me, and I think Gesicki could be one of the main weapons on a weak Dolphins offense, and provide a safety valve for Fitzmagic/Rosen with YAC potential. Plus Eifert has burned me before

It depends on his roster and how much he needs a WR. Richard is droppable so I wouldn’t even consider this trade, it’d take something closer to Latavius or Royce Freeman and then Mike Williams or Dede - which I think is completely fair and probably something I would do if I were you.

Try sending DEDE instead

Honestly, that’s a very lopsided trade. If you want Carson that bad (which he’s got a TON of upside this year), I’d be looking at involving Sony Michel. I’d personally take Carson over Michel any day because of the injury risk that Michel presents.

I guess its no surprise now that the trade got knocked back but at least you have a plan with your waiver pick ups and for if/when sony goes down. good luck man.