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Rb3 frank gore or theo riddick


What’s up footclan!

So in a lot of mock drafts this year i am seeing frank gore and theo riddick go around the same time. Who would you rather have in full pt ppr? I know the boys rank theo much higher in the rankings this year, but frank gore shows us time and time again he’s still got it. frank gore more likely to break down, but theo has had his fair share of injuries as well and is splitting downs with abdullah.

appreciate the feed back!


Full PPR, 100% Riddick. He’s got a solid safety net each week with like 5-6 receptions, and probably 20-40 yards. Gore is nice in standard, and I know he’s been catching more with Luck in, but I’m not going to bank on it like I can with Riddick.


What @ReginaPatFF said. Riddick is useless in standard unless Ameer goes down.


Have to go with Riddick in a full PPR. His receiving skills are as consistent as they come. Even with Abdullah around, Riddick’s role is established.


I’d say Riddick as well. If you do go with Gore, look to the waiver wire come week 3-4 to grab and store Marlon Mack.


Oh yeah, forgot about that guy, yes do that.