RB3 values? Breida, Buck Allen, Powell, Ekeler, Duke Johnson

Full PPR, 10 team, keeper league…
My starting RBs are solid (Kamara, Hunt, Howard).
I have Buck Allen, Matt Breida, Mark Ingram on the bench.
Duke Johnson, Austin Ekeler, Bilal Powell on waivers…
Question for the FootClan: would you grab any of those guys on waivers to replace any of the guys on the bench?
My thoughts:
Ravens aren’t committed to Collins it seems, Allen has succeeded in that offense.
Breida is intriguing in the Shanahan offense, I’m holding to see if he gets the volume.
Ingram (Sus) will likely be flipped in a trade mid season.

Duke, great in PPR, but lots of weapons in that offense to spread the ball to.
Ekeler looked like the 2015 Danny Woodhead for the Chargers in week 1 which intrigues me.
Powell seems safe but no major upside, future trade value, barely an injury fill in.

Appreciate your input FootClan.

I don’t think there are moves here that HAVE to be made. That beings said, Allen just had his best case scenario last night and did very little outside of the 1 yard touchdown. Allen is certainly worth a hold, but if it were me I would drop him for Powell he seems game script independent and is a talented back based on past efficiency numbers.

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I agree with the Powell take…it just seems like the jets as a team don’t want to admit that he is talented and give him more than 50% volume unless the other guy is injured. Jets likely to be in more negative game scripts so I believe he has good upside, but Crowell will always be there to take goal line carries and 50% ish of the carries between the 20’s.

If it helps you any, i successfully traded away Powell for Hogan in a 12 team standard.

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That is interesting…that is what I’m looking for…someone who I can use for trade bait as their value grows.

I will say it was a matter of need. I needed WR help/depth and he need RB (bell and owner).

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