RBs a mess….need advice!

So I’ve lost CMC and Swift is hurt as well, which two RBs would you start this week.

James Robinson, Hubbard, or Hillard

Easily Robinson and Hubbard. Hillard isn’t even an option (above these other players) unless your league is PPR.


Yup it’s a PPR league

Jermar Jefferson is also on waivers

I agree with @fun4willis.

The only issue Robinson has is Urban Meyer and his horrible choice to keep J Rob off the field and use Carlos Hyde.

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If Jermar worth playing this week with Jamaal out?

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That’s real tough. Robinson has a coach that doesn’t want to put him in. Hubbard has a QB that that will run more then him. And Hillard just has a bad QB.

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Ya good thing I’m already in the playoffs otherwise I’d be stressed tf out with my RBs like they are. Hopefully Swift can come back in week 15 to save me :joy: