Rbs are locked in but 2 wr and a flex help

half ppr 10man league
Jones and drake are my rbs so thats locked in

Obj vs Was
AJ Green vs @phi
Fuller vs @ Pit
Chark vs Mia
Kelly vs Car

Currently starting obj green and fuller but i feel like thats not the best kelly might be the flex but any thoughts would be greatly appreciated

I like Chark JR vs mia tonight as long as he plays I have him starting in both PPR and standard leagues

you think he should be locked in over onj green and fuller if he plays though like who do you move to the bench then?

fuller and chark

you guys are making me nervous Fuller and Chark are the ones i was concerned about injury with. and @BirbJuice if i leave those two for the wr who do you flex?

I just know that if I leave fuller on the bench he’ll go off.
chark is getting targets and gardner is playing well
injury is always a concern… im actually gonna have to sit Kenny G this weekend too, partly because he’s not 100% but also partly because of the matchup

that being said i like green, fuller, and chark

not big on obj this year

Yeah im not thrilled with obj he fell a long ways in the draft so i grabbed him

Im getting more and more in on forcing Kelly into the flex so it might be green and chark pending any reports before the game

Im sitting fuller for a week if he plays even well ill be alright for future weeks with him to risky for me being 0-2

Green’s target share is too high to ignore. Throw him in your flex, then throw Chark in your 2 for ceiling, I like Chark’s chances for a boom more than the others.

So Chark just got ruled out. Change some opinions for you guys?

OBJ, Green, and Kelly for me.

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thats how i havent it currently thinking thats probably best. Fuller could do it but again the risk is a bit higher there

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Green still, then yeah OBJ unfortunately, targets will be there, but hopefully catchable.

chark is sitting. Green, OBJ and Kelley.

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I agree with everyone saying Green and OBJ, kelly for floor Fuller for ceiling

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