RBs CUT Decision - keep Gore?

Bonjour from Switzerland,
I’ve been thinking about this decision for days. Whom to cut? :scream:
I added the Flex Ranking position in brackets.

  1. Gore (150)
  2. Ballage (142)
  3. Justin Jackson (113)
  4. McCoy (109)

Seems clear, because of the lowest rank of Gore, but he is the only starter of this bunch…
Please vote and give me your opinion. Thanks!

Morning from Germany,
I would cut Gore. He is maybe called a starter yet, but it rumors from many sides, that Singletary would get into this job more and more the longer the season takes.
Regards Josh

Hmmm. I had the same opinion until I listend to yesterdays’s show and Andy’s take on Singletary. Maybe there is more hype to him then we are currently aware of… Maybe he isn’t as good as everyone says or the Bills are buliding him up for next year… AHHH…