RBs Galore

12 team 1 QB 1 PPR IDP no SF

I currently have JT, CEH, and rookie 1.01. I want Akers. Willing to sell CEH or rookie 1.01 for him.

I could likely trade the rookie 1.01 (Najee) and my rookie 2.12 for Akers and their rookie 3.03.

If I preferred to get Najee or trade down from 1.01 to gain more assets, I could trade CEH & a ‘22 1st rounder (likely early-mid since my team is young and probably won’t contend). This would possibly involve the same pick swap as before: my 2.12 for their 3.03.

I want Akers bad. I value him highly and so does the other guy. I don’t want to give up too much. What do you guys think???

Been listening to Jason’s rankings lately, huh? I wouldn’t give up that much for Akers. Honestly, shop the 1.01 around, you may be able to get a solid haul (maybe someone who thinks Pitts is the next Kelce). Then use part of that haul and CEH for Akers? I just think there is more value in the 1.01 than selling it AND CEH for Akers.

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