RBs over WRs

Where do you draw the line with the RBs you would take before drafting a WR (other than Antonio Brown)? PPR league

I draw the line based on my Tiers. I’m taking OBJ/Hopkins/JJ over any RB not named Gurley, Bell, Zeke, DJ, Barkley,Kamara. Only other one that i might consider there is Gordon. End of the day, i think there’s plenty of value at RB to be had in the later rounds. The craze is getting way out of hand and I will gladly open with a OBJ/JJ Hopkins/JJ double WR open. That simply would not have been possible in prior years.

really depends on the league. but in a vacuum, not named AB… i draw the line right around kamara. i would gladly take OBJ or hopkins over hunt, fournette, cook, and maybe kamara. after the big RBs the positional advantage kind of goes away. there are guys that could for sure carry your team like hunt did last year for 7 games, or how fournette could with his workload… im just confident in what i get from OBJ and Hopkins and what i can draft later on to replace the low end RB1s with plenty of depth. hell i did a mock not too long ago where i picked 12th and got both hopkins and OBJ. i would be THRILLED if thats how i started. i doubt i will ever get to do that not in mock, but still i would be very happy.

This is a crime.

without a doubt. its also something that i really hope doesnt (yet at the same time i do) happen this year. cause that would be insane.